How to choose the right toy for your kid

We, Indians mostly choose to buy any merchandise based on its cost. Those who tend to save money will go for cheaper version, those who tend to show off will buy costly just to exaggerate the price. This same concept applies to choosing toys for your kids. We tend to neglect even basic facts which are to be considered while buying the right toy for your kid. It is observed that the quality of toys is below par when it comes to making toys for Indian market, however if you consider in terms of cost, even buying costly toys will not guarantee that you have chosen the right quality of toy for your kid.

Every toy package contains some instructions written on it. Some toys are designed for a certain age limit. If the toy states that it is not meant for child under 3 years, you should not buy for your infant as it may have high sound or it might be too flashy for a one year old. So choose the toy based on your child's age. If your baby puts every single toy in his mouth, then you need to check if, it can cause choking hazards. If the label of toy says so, try avoiding those toys.

The most important part is choosing the right kind of plastic. Try to avoid toys which contain phthalates. Also check if teethers are BPA- free or non-PVC. When buying toys like cars or other stuff to play, choose a sturdy plastic so that it doesnt easily break and pose a hazard for your baby. The normal swings which come in market are not that sturdy to balance a baby and it doesnt even have much safety measures like seat belt. Try to avoid such swings and go for the ones which has a proper seat belt and the latch firmly holds your child in position.

Here's a quick list to follow while buying a toy:
1)Check the age group for which the toy is designed
2)Check if the child can play independently or parental guidance is advised
3)While buying any toy make sure it will not cause any safety hazard to your kid
4)Choose the right kind of plastic that is used in the toy
5)Avoid small toys as they can cause choking hazards

Besides all this toys, my son likes to play with empty boxes. The joy he gets by banging spoon and bowls is way more than playing with any costly toy. After all, there are some things which money cant buy.

Happy Parenting !!!


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