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To Dream or To not Dream!!!

I am a dreamer....a big dreamer.... When I was a kid I dreamt of becoming a scientist then when I was a teenager I dreamt of becoming a fashion designer then what not till finally I succumbed to being a software engineer. 7 years into IT field and I still ask my son's friends on what they would want to become in their life so that I might get some new options. Now I think of becoming a travel blogger but since I have a family to look after and mortgage to be paid that is not a viable option.

Indian kids are raised to believe that they have to take the route of education (read: Medicine or Technology) take the highest paying jobs and then keep slogging till you repay your home loans, car loans and all kinds of loans. Choice of any other profession is frowned as you don't get enough respect and money. The parents who force their children to aim for IAS or IPS wont allow them to aim for being a politician. The parents who push their children to become techies won't allow the…

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