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Being Parent!

Sometimes I feel I am not a good parent. Especially when I see my parents...or parents from previous generation I get the feeling of being insufficient. There are lot of things which we can take from our previous generation. Most of our parents planned for our future right from when we were born. They were not necessarily rich or having high paying jobs but the day we were born they made a tryst with us, an unspoken promise, that no matter what happens they will always be there for us and they will do anything to give us the best education or a pompous marriage ceremony. They struggled on both the they had to take care of kids as well as their parents...sometimes financial sometimes nursing the sick. And they did with utmost pleasure. They sacrificed their desire to live in a luxurious way. They saved every single penny for a rainy day. 

A mother is a backbone of a family. The previous generation of mothers was the first generation to get access to higher education and em…

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