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Pradyuman Thakur murder at Ryan International School

A chill ran down my spine when I read the news of a murder of seven year old boy in an elite school. As parents we choose the best for our children. The only reason we pay exorbitant fees at elite schools at the extent of burning hole in our pockets is that we need an assurance that our kids are in safe hands. Alas installing CCTV's and hanging safe school awards in school premises don't assert that you will be spared of any such incidents. Watching the victim's mother break down on TV is the last thing any parent would ever want to see. What really bothers is that the way the school has handled the incident. First making Ashok Kumar, the bus conductor a criminal and then the same conductor is giving contradictory statements. 

Even though the prima facie suggests that the conductor tried to sexually assault the child, I wonder if anyone would do something like this when the school has just begun. I mean the early hours in any school will be indulged in assembly, singing n…

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