Illegal female foeticide racket a day before Women's day

While I was planning on writing a Women's day special today, I was utterly disturbed by the news going around. In Sangli district, 19 female foetus were recovered from sewer. Yes tomorrow our nation will be celebrating women's day and look what is the reality of our nation. Last weekend I visited my maternal aunt in her village. My mom along with three sisters has no brother. And even though they don't have brother, their parents are well looked after by all the sisters, even better than the parents of many sons in their village. Even after all this they were made to believe that there is some stigma that they don't have a son in their family.

The fact that I have a son, is something of such a pride that every single visitor who visited me in that house was told that yes she has a son. What disturbs me is that this fact is not limited to my mom's generation. Even in my generation many believe that having a brother or son is something very important and if you don't have a son, you are missing something very important in life. Sometimes I doubt how come I became a feminist even after being surrounded by so much negativity around me regarding female progeny. 

When I was surfing channels, I saw a serial called "Nakushi" meaning unwanted in Marathi. The serial was based on a girl child who was not welcomed in her family and hence they named her Nakushi. There are many such Nakushi's in our villages. People in village are at least blunt that they accept this fact. However, people in cities, talk about saving girl child but secretly wish for male. Innumerable prayers and fasts have been conveyed to our God for the want of a male child. When are we going to stop it?

What is it that a woman can't do in this era? Why is such a strong desire for having an offspring of a better gender? Who decides what is the better gender? How can parents be so cruel to something that they have created? Why aren't they afraid of their karma? Or do they bribe their Gods for this ill deeds? The questions never end, and this remains the hot topics for generations to come. The number of unborn girls in India is increasing because they are killed before they even see this world by those who created them in first place. The day India will truly celebrate Women's day is not on the day it falls, but the day every single parent will think of a female child no less than a male one and truly celebrate her birth...


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