Age criteria in Nursery Admissions 2017-18

As much as I am happy that my little boy is turning older day by day, there are days when I get freaked out about his education. There are many things that I am anxious about. The age criteria(he is born in Oct), how am I going to manage him dropping to school and picking up from school, how am I going to indulge in his study or daily activities when I have so less time with him. I grew up in a sleepy town of Alibag with a school that was within company campus and once I went to nursery, I came out directly after completing my 12th std. Everything was at stones throw away and most of the people knew each other. In spite of my mom being a working mom, things were bit easier than what metro city parents face today. 

There are many things I loathe about the metro city admissions. Some schools interview parents. They want parents who are well educated. I have read on some of their sites that they interview the kid as well, for 1st Std and the icing on the cake is the fee structure. I still don't get fact that how come playgroup fees compete with my engineering fees???What do they teach at a playgroup level that cost us so much? Distance is the second concern, finding a good school close to your home is important else your tiny tot has to travel through the city traffic. Ahh!!! I know I am sounding negative but I am also excited that he is finally going to spread his wings. Currently it feels only I am a part of his world but slowly he is going to have his own routine.

Age norms for nursery admission continue to change every year. This year when nursery admissions were almost completed by major schools, the cut off date to minimum age(3yrs) was raised to Sep 30. These parents were already denied admission as earlier the cut off date was July 31 now the same parents have to revisit all schools. When we contacted major schools in my vicinity, we came to know that admissions were already completed and these kids now either have to search for schools which have nursery seats available or wait till next year. Schools require sufficient time to plan and implement the new age-limit, I wonder why the education department takes arbitrary decision without consulting parents or school institutions.

Now a days, the minimum age criteria for 1 std is 6 years, however some preschool chains still enroll kids for nursery even if they don't complete 3 years of age criteria for nursery. Parents are made to believe that you can take admission to nursery even if your child is not 3 years old, may be by the time he reaches Senior KG the criteria might change. Once the child completes Senior KG the preschool is not liable for 1st Std admission. Many parents by complying to this, need to repeat their child so that he can fulfill the 6 years completion criteria for std 1. My advice would be to wait till your child completes 3 years and in order to avoid 1 std admission hassles go for nursery admission for schools which have 1 std so that your child will get automatically promoted to 1 std from Senior KG.

So to sum up the current situation, keep abreast of the nursery guidelines which are released by government. Don't rush into admissions if your child does not fulfill age criteria and get him enrolled into a play group so that you child can start adjusting the school routine by the time he reaches nursery.

Happy Parenting!!!


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