How to throw an awesome birthday party for your kid!!!

Birthday parties during my childhood involved calling all my friends living in neighborhood, cutting cake and having fun. In our colony we had laid strict rules that no one will bring gifts and no one will give return gifts. What parents really wanted was all kids should enjoy, eat and have fun. Since we had bigger homes we could accommodate all neighborhood kids and terrace could be used for playing games. I really miss my old days. Yesterday was my son's second birthday. Gosh, I can't believe how 2 years passed. It seemed like yesterday I was holding him in my hands and now he is all grown up.

These days theme based birthday parties are in trends which includes elaborate celebration and entertainment options. Also, owing to our hectic schedules, birthdays which fall on weekdays have time constraints as most of the guests join after office hours. In metro cities travelling through traffic to the event location drains half of you energy and time. This article is about planning a birthday party for parents staying in metro cities.

Birthday party business is a fastest growing business. Banquet parties, big guest lists, entertainment options are the only hot topics in birthdays. I have seen middle class parents spending 1-2 lakhs on the kids first birthday. I understand the hullabaloo around the first birthday and even I am of an opinion that yes first birthday's should be grand but I want to make parents rethink when they spend so much amount on their kid's first birthday.

My advice is to keep the celebrations short. If you are planning to throw a party in a party hall/banquet hall choose the one which is closest to your house. Don't go looking for that perfect venue, which is at far end of the city especially if the birthday falls on weekdays. These days event management groups provide you different packages like theme celebrations, clown, dancing groups etc. Before splurging money on all these packages rethink what is really required. Check the age group of kids which are going to be a part of guests and only then invest in stand-up comedians or clowns etc.

It is observed that parents overdress their children for their first birthday. Costumes are as per themes so sometimes they are not comfortable for your kid. Choose an outfit as per your kid's comfort. Bear in mind that your kid is going to spend few hours in that dress, so it should not restrict your child's movements. In order to get the perfect shot by the professional photographer you have hired, we put restrictions on child's activities. If your child is not ready to pose for photos till you get perfect shot, let him go. Make sure the place you choose for venue is child-proofed and has no hazards.

To sum up all the above suggestions:
1)Choose a convenient venue.
2)Keep the guest list short
3)Choose a menu which is kid friendly
4)Child proof the venue
5)Dont overdress your kids, let them be in comfortable clothes
6)Keep entertainment options like clown, activity games based on kids interest

Happy Parenting!!!


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