Hopscotch.in Review

Like every mom, I always keep finding some unique stuff for my kid. I stumbled upon this online shopping site hopscotch.in and boy....what a great site design it is. The stuff looked unique and the photos of products were extremely good. You really feel tempted to order multiple items however I decided to order one item to check how it works as they clearly mention on their site that they sell major American brands and shipments directly arrive from international warehouse. After a 4 week long wait I was pretty disappointed. And worst part they don't have feature to add product reviews on their site. So I had to actually pull out some time from my busy schedule to write this blog.  

What I ordered from the site was this.

The product description says that:
  1. It is a 3-piece suit
  2. The brand is ASL
  3. Pre-order Delivery in 5-6 weeks(which may lead to our assumption that the product will arrive from USA)
When I received the order I received the following:

What I found was:
  1. The material was very cheap govt school uniform material
  2. The brand was Vogue and not ASL 
  3. The invoice had Bhiwandi Thane office name on it

 A closer look at the brand name:


As the site stated that it will take around a months time for delivery, they updated the order tracking as follows:

In this you can see that the order arrived at Global center and description as Shipped to international warehouse. When you mean to say international warehouse, you certainly don't mean Bhiwandi.

When I checked the tracking details using AWB number on Delhivery site I found this:

There is no update from 8th Dec 2016, the day on which I placed my order till 25th Dec 2016. If on 13th Dec 2016 the order had reached international warehouse, why was it manifested on 25th Dec 2016 from Bhiwandi? And if they had to ship a local stuff from Bhiwandi to Pune why do they need 5-6 weeks for that? If they claim that they have products which are pre-order from USA, why don't they have international shipping policy, customs etc defined on their site?

I have read very negative reviews on mouthshut.com and other consumer forum sites for hopscotch.in. What I understood was that they have a good website, packaging etc. but the products they are using are extremely cheap in quality and most of the time they sell local stuff naming them international brands. Let me know in comments your experiences of buying from this site.


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