Tips while Travelling to office when you are expecting

In Indian Metro cities office commute can be so time consuming that you can't imagine. If you are an expecting mother you have to do this herculean task of travelling to office everyday till you maternity leave gets approved. Although a visible bump may get you some good experiences but that is not always. Some days you have to deal with weird people who show no sympathy for any person. Last Friday there was an expecting mother in our office bus and one guy from HR was sitting on the seat reserved for expecting mothers. I assume he was unaware that someone might need that seat and the lady too shy to ask him to exchange seats sat on seats which where far behind the bus door. When her stop came she started walking towards the bus door and bang, the bus driver had to apply harsh brakes(you know how Pune traffic is) and she fell on her bump. People helped her, the bus driver also helped her to get to her house but what was done could not be undone. She was in pain. Now before blaming any one in this scenario I could not control my anger for the woman. Why couldn't she ask the person sitting on seat reserved for her to vacate and let her sit?

This I am talking about office bus, the public transport is way more pathetic. I used to travel to office till my 8th month of pregnancy. While most of the times my husband dropped me, there were times when I had to take public transport. Some days people would willingly offer a seat while on others few stubborn people showed no sympathy. That time I would ask the driver and bus conductor to intervene, but I never surrendered. Ladies, it is you birth right to ask for the seats which are reserved for pregnant ladies. I can never imagine how the pregnant ladies commute to office in Mumbai locals. What I feel is if you cannot stand up for yourself, how are you going to protect the life that is growing within you? Here are the few tips which will help you while commuting to office.

  1. Travel as long as you feel comfortable: Nothing is more important than your or your child's health, so travel as long as you are comfortable. The day you feel you are not fit for travelling take unpaid leave till your pregnancy and take rest.
  2. Speed dial List: Always keep your husband's number on speed dial so that you can contact him in emergency. Also, it is advisable to keep your parents, in-laws and doctors number handy. Write it on a piece of paper and keep it handy so that if you need any help others can help you to connect with your well wishers in short time
  3. Reserved Seats: There are seats reserved for pregnant women, do not hesitate to ask anyone to vacate the seat meant for you.
  4. Carry sickness bag: In case you feel nauseous, keep an sickness bag handy so even if you feel like vomiting, you do not affect your co passengers.

Always remember, you can get a different job if you take a break, but the damage done if you risk your life while travelling cannot be changed. Be cautious and careful while travelling when you are expecting.

Happy Parenting!!!



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