Welcome to my blog

Hi all,

Throughout our life we keep on thinking of doing something different but in turn end up doing the same. I am Kiran, I am a techie at a leading software company at the same time I am Kiran the mother of one year old. At some point of time I had started believing that women can't have it all. Yes we are the jugglers and juggling becomes way more difficult when you have a demanding job and a kid. The trick is not to let fall any of it out of its place.

Being a techie has its own perks, you get a steady salary but at some point of time you feel the work monotonous. However my inner self always wanted to do something different. This blog will serve as a platform for unleashing my hidden passions. I don't have an exact subject for this blog so I will share all my experiences while raising a child, handling work pressure and many other things. Welcome to my blog !!!


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