Three options for childcare post joining work

You hold your little bundle of joy in your arms and suddenly you realize that a mother is born. All this time you were someone who is extremely focused on yourself and suddenly you don't have time to look in the mirror. As a working mom you look forward for the maternity break but only after delivery you realize that this is not how I planned my leave to be. You go through the endless cycle of feeding, cleaning poop, soothing a crying baby. Time flies and you are expected to report to office.

Many women get torn between these two important phases of their lives. Being in IT industry or any such industry where you have demanding working hours, it becomes difficult to manage a kid and a career. Some say goodbye to their career and some try to find a way through it. Here I would like to help the moms who are stuck in this dilemma. No matter what is your situation I would advise to go for work.

Many researches have shown that  kids raised by a working mom tend to succeed more likely than their other counterparts. If not possible full time do engage yourself in some activity. Financial independence always works for you. So go for it.

Where to keep your child when you are away at work:

Being in a city you have plethora of options.

1. Invite your in-laws to stay with you: This is the best option, When you have someone from your immediate family taking care of your kid, you tend to concentrate more on your work.

2.Creche/Day care: You have various options in choosing a day care. You can go for a day care which is closer to your office so you can visit your baby in your breaks

3.Hire a Babysitter: Before going for this option make sure that you have done a thorough background check of the lady who is going to babysit your kid at your home. My suggestion is do install CCTV's in home if you are leaving your baby at home with babysitter. Ask your neighbors to at least be aware that your kid is alone with a babysitter and keep tabs on her.

The biggest breaks in a woman's career comes in two forms. First is marriage and second is motherhood. If you have successfully passed the first phase, you can definitely pass the second one.


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